"Introduction to Principles of Spatial Audio Technology"

This course, held at University of the Arts Helsinki, Sibelius Academy's Centre for Music & Technology explores the physical and psycho-acoustic principles of spatial hearing and its technological implications for spatial audio technology in recording and reproduction. Also the implications of interactivity on spatial audio shall be considered, for example, in a gaming-environment or applications wherein the listener is mobile. In this context, the conflict between the notions of "sweet-spot" and "true spatial reproduction" shall be highlighted and discussed.

In the first term we look at physical principles and illustrate examples with Max MSP.

For the second term, the idea is for student to practically explore principles discussed in the first term in a project, for example a spatial recording or reproduction/diffusion using DAW's or Max MSP or similar.

The learning outcomes of this course is a basic understanding of the

- psychophysics of spatial hearing.
- principles of stereo, film surround, binaural, ambisonics, wavefront synthesis.
- vector base amplitude panning
- technologies in cultural context.

Further, it aims to provide the

- ability to use the principles for own projects.
- sensibilise for new spatial audio concepts in view of spatial interactivity
- awareness of the application areas for various technologies.